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ObamaCare: What Could Go Wrong??

Barbara Bellar (sourced on YouTube) looked at ObamaCare during its initial days. She wrote the following: “We’re going to be gifted with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don’t, which purportedly covers at … Continue reading

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The Role of the Supreme Court

Conservative Americans who believe that Supreme Court Justices should follow the United States Constitution are being labeled as “activists” by the far left and, of course, by the mouthpiece of the far left, the elite media. Meanwhile, leftists who want … Continue reading

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ObamaCare and the Social Security Act

I am extremely opposed to the entire concept of ObamaCare. The idea that the government can require citizens to purchase healthcare (or anything else) is repugnant to me. The government has continued to grow and it has taken over so … Continue reading

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