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Blacklists for the “Modern” Era

Oh, poor Rob Reiner. He is the eternal meathead.  His most recent inanity was his equation of the Tea Party with terrorist organizations like Hamas. Reiner is just another coddled elitist who is part of the problem in this nation. … Continue reading

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Ethics, Morality, and the New World Order

Ethics and morality will be a frequent topics for consideration within this blog. To get started I want to make a few small points: 1. The entertainment industry is doing everything possible to destroy the moral and ethical framework that … Continue reading

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Sad Times For America

In the past I have written that the left was well on the way toward its plan to change America into a very different country…a country very similar to pre-World War II Nazi Germany. After all, Nazi’s, socialists, communists, and … Continue reading

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