Another Big Government Fail: Obamacare

I have written for years about the failure that is single-payer, government-run healthcare. Even before the implementation of Obamacare, the evidence of its impending failure was readily available, from our own Veteran’s Administration to the socialist healthcare systems in Canada and Europe and those of every communist nation.

As written by The Analytical Economist (Allen West, 2/28/16), “We need to repeal and replace Obamacare — not to strip the president of his administration’s signature achievement, but to save the public from his greatest failure.”

All that has been written predicting the failure of Obamacare is coming true. Even with massive subsidies, the house of cards is falling apart.

As highlighted in the citation above, “UnitedHealth (America’s largest insurer) has expressed regret at entering the Obamacare exchanges, and plans to pull out completely this year. Their losses due to Obamacare top $1 billion. That’s just one private insurer participating in (the) exchanges.

To top it off, private insurers are doing better than the twenty-three non-profit co-ops established under Obamacare in 2012. According to the Daily Caller, “twelve have closed their doors after only two years of operation.

According to The Daily Caller, “Mandy Cohen, a top federal health official, told congress, eight of the 11 remaining Obamacare health insurance co-ops are in serious financial trouble and could collapse by the end of the year…Eight now face either federal ‘enhanced oversight’ or are operating under a federal ‘corrective action plan.’

I remain amazed that anyone still believes that the government can run – ummm – anything.


Once again, big government proves that it has no solutions. It should just step aside and leave solutions to those who know how.

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The Environment and Government

I have shot a lot of pheasants.  I have caught a lot of lake trout.  I love pheasant and lake trout.  All of those I have shot or caught have been eaten.  Like all anglers and hunters, I have contributed a great deal of money to preserving habitat, i.e., preserving “nature”.   Many of us contribute directly to organizations dedicated to protecting grasslands, waterways, and flyways.  We also do this through license fees and scratch-off lottery ticket purchases.

And therein lies the rub.  State government reeled in Minnesotans’ support for a lottery by telling them that the money would go to the “environment”.  While a portion of the take from lottery sales does go to “the environment”, a large portion goes to the “arts”.  We are now able to support people who choose to do “interpretive dance”.  We also get to support “one woman shows” aimed at the evils committed by men and how women can be self-sustaining without men.  Wonderful.  That is the government at work.


Here is the reality.  Most of us who are sportsmen don’t talk much about financial support of environmental causes because — well — it is just what people do. We believe in the environment and in habitat and in oxygen and in clean water.  Unfortunately, the government appears to care less about “mother earth” than about morons prancing around in leotards or ranting about presumed evils.

The fact is simple.  The government will not “save the environment”.  First of all, the environment doesn’t need to be saved by humans.  Secondly, even if it, government couldn’t do it.  And thirdly, any effort to assist the environment in its own natural self-protection will come from individuals, not from any government.

This is another example of the need of government to get out of the way.  The environment and we “little people” can handle it, thank you very much!

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Over the Target

allen west

“If you’re catching flak it means you’re over the target.”  Allen West


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The Abortion Holocaust

“For 43 years, abortion has been legal. How many American lives have been snuffed out before they ever got a chance to live as God intended them? (

“The number of abortions since 1973 is estimated to be a staggering 57 million — or roughly equivalent to 18 percent of the current United States population.

“The horrific terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, killed nearly 3,000 Americans, injured thousands more, and is one of the deadliest days in American history. Yet abortion kills an average of 4,000 American babies every single day.”

Abortion is the Holocaust of our time.



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Socialism: A Moral Failing

“Socialism isn’t so much a legitimate economic system as it is a moral failing. It will always exist because ignorant people will always want something for nothing.”  

David Deming, Professor, University of Oklahoma (Quoted in NewsOK)


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The Big Fail: Democrats in 2016

Those who vote for Bernie (an avowed socialist) support communism. Vladimir Lenin, himself, stated that “The goal of socialism is communism.”

Those who vote for Hillary support genocide. In her own words, Hillary stated that she “…greatly respects the work of Margaret Sanger”.  Sanger was a eugenicist who worked to eliminate, in her own words, “the negro race”. She viewed blacks as inferior. She also viewed poor people as inferior and needing to be forced to stop having babies through abortion or sterilization.

Wow, quite a choice for Democrats this cycle.

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Socialism and Treason

Whereas the American leftist ideal of socialism is:

  • A political/economic system promoting equal outcome without equal effort.
  • A political/economic system whose goal is communism.
  • A political/economic system designed to fail.

Now therefore it can be stated that American leftist supporters of socialism:

  • Wish themselves and their followers to be entitled to outcomes not earned.
  • Wish to see the overthrow of the government by communism.
  • Want America to fail.
  • Are traitors.
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Obama and the Caliphate

The caliphate signified the ideal of pan-Islamic unity and solidarity and served as a psychological rallying point for Muslims against what they view as “imperialist encroachments”.

Radical Muslims long ago called for supporters of the caliphate to divide black from white, brown from white, and yellow from white. (Glen Beck)

While totalitarian forces have worked toward this goal for decades, efforts to divide and destroy America have become more blatant under the current administration. A divided nation is easier to conquer, especially from within.


The caliphate will continue to grow unless the civilized world enters into a crusade to prevent it.


President Obama has served the caliphate well. He will continue to do so unless we impeach him for treason.

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In the words of the great Imperator Furiosa:


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Liberal Thinking

Mayo Clinic has a list of suggestions for recovering from concussion.  One is to “limit thinking and concentration that may worsen your symptoms.”  I couldn’t figure out how to limit thinking and concentration and still function.

Then I came up with the answer.  Become a liberal.

Not-in-Chicago-anymore1I think I will suffer the effects of concussion instead.

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