New World Order 1: Occupiers, Anarchists, and the Elite

This begins a series of five commentaries on the relationship between the so-called 1%, the so-called 99%, and the mega-rich who are a very small percentage of the 1%. This commentary begins with the recent violence committed by the Occupy Oakland criminals.

When the Tea Party was gaining steam, the elite media made it a goal to paint the movement in a bad light. Even when it was proven that members of the Tea Party had no intent to cause destruction to property or harm to people, the press continued to speculate (wistfully) that it could still happen. Newspaper articles were slanted so as to minimize the grassroots movement and to bring about fear and trepidation. Despite the fact that the left planted a few people with negative signs at Tea Party rallies, the vast majority of actual Tea Party members stayed above the fray and just kept making their point in a constructive and peaceful way.

Then along came the so-called Occupy Wall Street movement. Police and other government officials have given the occupiers ample room. They have allowed participants to remain in public spaces as long as they didn’t erect tents or other structures. Police have generally avoided confrontation despite the disruption caused by the occupiers. Only when the occupiers initiated violence did the police respond with force, albeit much more minimally than I would have.

Interesting, the elite media generally has minimized the real story of the occupy movement. For example, while putting positive articles concerning the movement toward the front of the newspaper, negative articles are moved toward the back and are given little space. That is true for the most recent outbreak of occupier violence in Oakland. For example, the Minneapolis Star Tribune placed the Associated Press article about the recent violence on page A6 which was the last page of the national section on Monday, January 30, 2012. This despite the fact that the article stated that “more than 400 people were arrested after protesters broke into City Hall, broke glass cases, spray painted walls and statues, and burned an American flag…with at least three (police) officers and one protester injured.”

Occupy Oakland Flag Burning

Had there been even one negative event at a Tea Party event, I feel confident that it would have made the front page of every liberal newspaper in America.

It seems clear that the elite media supports much of the rhetoric coming from the occupy movement. That is the only logical reason for burying negative stories such as that coming from Oakland.

It appears that the courts are also supportive of the occupiers. According to the article “Earlier this month, a court-appointed monitor submitted a report to a federal judge that included ‘serious concerns’ about the (police department’s handling of the Occupy protests. Police officials say they were in ‘close contact’ with the federal monitor during the protests.”

The Mayor of Oakland stated that the protests have cost Oakland (which is financially troubled to begin with) about $5 million dollars. Now she has to contend with the federal government telling her law enforcement officials how to handle the protests. The Mayor wants a court order to keep repeat offenders within the occupy movement out of Oakland. Given the cowardice or complicity of the courts, I doubt she will get what she wants and what the city deserves.

The protesters have been buoyed by the implicit media and court support. Now, they are protesting the way the arrests were handled and plan to file a class action suit.

The occupiers state that their goal is to draw attention to their belief that the 1% are hurting the remaining 99%. Class action suits cost money. That money is coming from the so-called 99%.

In cities like Oakland that are cash strapped already, occupiers are destroying property that will need to be repaired or replaced, thus taking away even more money from the 99%.

And when the occupiers injure police officers, the are taking away some of the protection of the 99% offered by those officers.

I cannot see how the actions of the occupiers is consistent with their stated goal. In fact, it seems obvious to me that they don’t really care about the so-called 99% since their actions are harming that 99%. Given their actions, it is apparent that very many of the occupiers are simple anarchists who want to overthrown the very nation that gives them the right to act like hoodlums.

One last point. Given the hatred of the so-called 1% by the occupiers, it is ironic that the 1% in the media, the courts, federal government, and wealthy socialists like George Soros are supporting, or at least condoning their actions. Strange bedfellows indeed.

More on that strange (or not so strange) partnership later.

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