The United Nations: Its a Small World After All?

Its a Small World

Steven J. Boxmeyer wrote the following in the December 13, 2004 Minneapolis StarTribune:

“Mention the U.N. to the average left-winger, and in that person’s mind’s eye images of the flags of the world stream past. Happy music plays in the background. Superimposed over those flags are the smiling faces of people dressed in traditional garb.

Its a Small World?

“The left-winger sighs, ‘If only the right wing would understand that the U.N. represents the peoples of the world’.

“A nice belief. A naïve belief. A dangerous trust.

“The U.N. does not represent the people of the world; it represents the GOVERNMENTS of the world. The majority of these governments – two-thirds by some measures – are one-party, self-serving, dictatorial thugs … Dare we even say it? The United States is not subservient to the U.N. and (it) is not our supreme leader.”

I agree completely with what Mr. Boxmeyer asserts. But my distrust of the United Nations goes beyond the two-thirds of its membership that are “one-party, self-serving, dictatorial thugs. I am equally concerned about the members that have traditionally advertised themselves as American allies. We are all aware of the French connection to the fraud committed under the “watchful eye” of the U.N. during the oil-for-food fiasco. Some of us have ignored the complicity with terrorism manifested by another “American ally”, Germany.

In a news item reported by Craig Whitlock for the Washington Post, it was noted that “after three years of not holding anyone accountable for the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Germany is preparing to expel accused members of the Hamburg-based cell that led the attacks to countries with more aggressive records of prosecuting terrorism. … German officials, legal experts and lawyers involved in the cases said the massive investigation into the A-Qaida cells has been stymied by Germany’s lax anti-terrorism laws, unfavorable judicial rulings and a lack of evidence, making it increasingly doubtful that anyone there will be convicted.”

By way of example, Whitlock goes on to note that Mounir Motassadeq, convicted on over 3,000 counts of accessory to murder for the September 11 attacks, was freed in April, 2004, after a German appellate court rejected the verdict as based on flimsy evidence.


Germany is not a “one-party dictatorship”. It is however a self-serving nation and one that does not grasp the severity of the threat to civilization by islamofascism. Of all countries in the world, Germany should understand the threat of fascism. Of all countries of the world, Germany has an obligation to counter fascism in the 21st Century. And yet Germany has enabled terrorism to the point that terrorists must be sent to other nations for prosecution.

I understand that part of the issue with Germany is its unwillingness to carry out any sort of “violence” on others because of the violence on others that nation allowed in the 1940’s. But it is time for Germany to at least try to differentiate committing violence on innocents and committing violence on the guilty.

One indication of enlightenment is that we learn from our mistakes. Germany not only has not learned from its evil history, it continues to promote fascism in the form of islamic terrorism.

More importantly, Germany is one of those nations of the U.N. that we are supposed to trust with our national and personal welfare. I don’t think so. They are as complicit in terrorism as the “one-party, self-serving, dictatorial thugs” that make up the other two-thirds of the United Nations.

So, the belief that “it is a small world after all” that is promoted by the United Nations is just so much manure. It is a very large world and there are many, many bad people and bad countries within it. America must stay resilient and on guard against the bad.

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