Occupy Wall Street Oakland and Atlanta

Occupy Wall Street

According to Errin Haines of the Associated press, riot police cleared Wall Street protestors from both Atlanta and Oakland today.

“Police guarded newly-cleared plazas early Wednesday in Atlanta and Oakland, Calif., after clearing Occupy Wall Street protest camps in both cities. Dozens of demonstrators were arrested in swift crack-downs by riot squads after local authorities lost patience with the rallies.

“Helicopters hovered and trained spotlights on downtown Atlanta as police in riot gear moved into a small city park just after midnight and arrested more than 50 protesters who had been there in tents for about two weeks.

“Police and some neighbors in cities around the country have started losing patience as protesters prepare to settle in for winter in camps without running water or working toilets. Businesses and residents near New York’s Zuccotti Park, the unofficial headquarters of the movement that began in mid-September, are demanding something be done to discourage the hundreds of protesters from urinating in the street and making noise at all hours.

“In Oakland, riot police cleared protesters from in front of City Hall on Tuesday morning, leaving a sea of overturned tents, protest signs and trash strewn across the plaza. Hundreds of officers and sheriff’s deputies went into the two week-old encampment with tear gas and beanbag rounds around 5 a.m., police said.

“Eighty-five people were arrested, mostly on suspicion of misdemeanor unlawful assembly and illegal camping. About 170 protesters were at the site.

“Oakland was (the least) peaceful. Police fired tear gas and beanbag rounds as they cleared out the makeshift city Tuesday. After nightfall, protesters gathered at a downtown library and began marching toward City Hall in an attempt to re-establish a presence in the area of the disbanded camp.”

I thought that the Occupy Wall Street group were supposed to be clean and peaceful?! What happened? Notice that the Tea Party folks didn’t cause this type of problems and they cleaned up after themselves…like ADULTS! There is no comparison between the Tea Party and the morons on the left who proclaim themselves to be occupying Wall Street or any other street in America.

Here is the problem. Both Oakland and Atlanta allowed the protesters to put up tents. In Minneapolis, the Hennepin County Sheriffs Department has been very clear. You can stay on county property surrounding the Hennepin County Government Center, but you can not erect tents. When the protesters did set up tents the Sheriffs Department quickly removed them. It gets cold in Minneapolis this time of year. Either the morons will freeze to death or go home. I don’t really care which.

Oakland and Atlanta allowed this to go on too long. That is why the riot police had to be called out. Bad mistake. For once Minneapolis got it right…so far.

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