Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, and the Elite Media

With the death of Walter Cronkite, liberals are writing about his wonder. Yes, he was a national “treasure”. But they omit some important facts.

Walter Cronkite

Liberals are beatifying Cronkite as an objective journalist…a man who reported only the facts. They are now “contrasting” him to people like Rush Limbaugh, saying that Cronkite was objective while Limbaugh is not.

This is typical liberal spin. Limbaugh is a commentator, not a news anchor. Liberals castigate Limbaugh for offering opinion. Yet, that is his job. Cronkite was a news anchor. His job was to present the news objectively. Commentators are paid to present their opinions. News anchors are supposed to just read the news without screening or commentary.

Since the onset of national news organizations such as ABC, NBC, ABC, and the NY Times, there has been no such thing as objective news reporting. This was true with Cronkite, who was given carte blanche as both anchor and managing editor. The same was true for Dan Rather, his successor. Yes, much of the time, they reported facts, but the process of SELECTING the stories they would report was hardly objective. The elite media has filtered the news through the screen of the reporter/editor. Generally, that screen has been leftist, as was the case with Cronkite. Whether they knew it or not, the anchors have been giving us the news that THEY see fit to read. Not the full picture and not the full truth.

Now the elite media is whining that the news is being watered down via the internet and via all the other forms of information that we can now receive. It is about time!

The news is being opened up to Americans. The Left is always talking about “inclusiveness”. Well, now we have more inclusiveness than ever when it comes to information. We can now get more than just a leftist perspective.

Walter Cronkite was a mainstay of American news for many years. But he was a man who regulated what we got to see and hear. He had a great voice. I liked him. But he was one of those who contributed to the weakening of this country. I don’t think he meant to do that…but he did.

At the end of one “Face the Nation” show on CBS in July, 2009, host Bob Schieffer gushed over a trip to the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and one exhibit in particular: “honoring Walter Cronkite….those moments in American history captured by TV…when Walter always seemed to be there….the little things we never saw, Walter’s scripts, his pipe, and his office, just the way it was.”

Schieffer observed that a tribute to Cronkite being at the library of the Democratic president was a “perfect fit” and noted how: “Johnson liked and respected Walter. Walter liked and respected Johnson.” Schieffer went on to fondly remember Cronkite’s denunciation of the Vietnam War: “When Walter returned from Vietnam and concluded in a documentary the war was unwinnable, Johnson remarked to an aide, ‘if I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost America.’ And so he had….When Walter came out against the war, he did something he almost never did – he took sides.”

Yet, Cronkite always took sides, either by the choice of stories to read or through direct statements such as his statement about the Vietnam War.

While specifically citing Cronkite’s bias against the war, Schieffer failed to comment on a report that revealed FBI documents detailing allegations that the then CBS Evening News anchor offered to rent a helicopter to transport Democratic Senator Ed Muskie to an anti-war rally in Florida in November of 1969.

Instead, Schieffer admitted: “Walter was the person I always wanted to be when I was a very young reporter, the person I’m still trying to be, truth be told.”

He concluded his commentary by making a ringing endorsement: “Visit the Johnson Library this summer. It’s a fascinating experience, one of the best of the presidential libraries and the Cronkite exhibit makes it even better.”

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Dan Rather

Walter Cronkite’s successor, Dan Rather was canned by CBS and left the network for good in 2006. Despite the fact that CBS protected him for all those years despite his biased approach to journalism, despite his lying to Americans about the “evidence” about President Bush’s National Guard history, and despite his incredibly bad delivery as a news reader, Rather came out swinging at CBS (in the form of a lawsuit) for ending his contract prematurely. This is just another example of his narcissism and his sense of entitlement, characteristics that seem endemic to that profession.

Dan Rather is entitled to nothing. He is lucky that he has been allowed access to the “masses” this long. He is just another news reader that overstepped his bounds; another Walter Cronkite that biased the news year after year when many of us had no idea that we were being conned. Dan Rather finally got what is coming to him. Bye-bye, Dan.

Now it is time for the “elite” media to do the right thing. It is fine if the news readers have a bias. Just tell us upfront. Whether the bias is to the left or right, it doesn’t matter, as long as they offer up a disclaimer at the beginning of each newscast. That way, we can pick and choose our news sources, balancing left and right in an informed way.

Until this happens (and don’t hold your breath), most of us will be sampling several news sources every day. That is what scares the left. WE are watching and listening. And they can no longer con those of us who are paying attention.

Now what do we do about PBS and NPR?

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