More on the Occupy Wall Street Morons

Michael Moore with the other morons

That is Michael Moore in the photo above. Obviously he hasn’t missed a meal yet, but he continues to berate the America that continues to feed him.

In an excellent letter to the editor in the Minneapolis Star Tribune (October 20, 2011) Mark Pupeza from Minneapolis wrote the following:

There are other ways to make a difference.

“We get it already. Folks are frustrated and needed to blow off some steam. But there comes a time when adults realize that adult behavior is necessary.

“Camping out in a public square and raising a ruckus will accomplish nothing. Attending a precinct caucus will give you a say in the adult world where things really happen. Volunteering in your community will have a direct impact on somebody’s life.

“It is time to grow up, quit wasting other people’s time and money, and do the things that adults do. The tantrum has run its course and is now becoming bothersome.”
Mr. Pupeza makes an important point. This so-called protest is costing our society a great deal in terms of law enforcement and security.

Also, we should not forget that this little tantrum is being supported by communists (see the picture below) as well as by labor unions (or are they the same as communists?).

Communism on the Upswing?

Unfortunately, this tantrum is not as simple as a bunch of ill-informed children camping out. This is a well-orchestrated attempt to bring liberal fascism (i.e., communism, socialism, and progressivism) to our nation.

Cornel West: Activist and "Scholar" RIGHT!

They have been trying for many years.

Now we have commies like Michael Moore and Cornel West banding together with people wearing shirts from the era of the U.S.S.R., all trying to destroy America.

People like Senator Joseph McCarthy tried to fight the insidious attempt by the far left (i.e., communisim, socialism, and progressivism) to destroy this country, but they were destroyed. Now is the time for us to stand up and tell the liberal fascists that they have no place in America. The sooner we do it, the better for all of us and for our children and their children.

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