Feminist Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy knows no bounds on the left. This is particularly true of feminists.

Since the late 1960’s, feminists have condemned women who stay home to take care of their children. Feminists pushed women to “find their voice”. Women who did find their voice and chose to work at home were still condemned. Women who worked outside the home were lauded, unless they voiced conservative views. Any woman, regardless of career, who voiced traditional values was condemned. Meanwhile, women who spouted atheistic beliefs or a belief in the right to abort a child were praised.

Universities staffed by the feminist left taught courses in women’s studies, condemning men and condemning women who disagreed with the leftist, feminist agenda. Universities became promoters of shame instead of intelligent discourse. Men in all fields were taught that they are inferior. We were taught that we could only become “whole” if we adhered closely to the feminist agenda.

Ann Coulter (by Gage Skidmore)

Ann Coulter is a prime example of a woman who works outside the home and who has found her voice. But her words are defined as “hate speech” by feminists because she doesn’t follow the leftist, feminist agenda. Governor Sarah Palin and Representative Michele Bachmann have faired no better. Despite the fact that they have become very successful (which is what we thought the feminists wanted for women), they are ostracized by feminists who apparently believe there is only one way to be successful–their way.

Representative Michele Bachmann

Governor Sarah Palin

As pointed out in an earlier commentary, Jane Fonda contributed to the deaths of thousands of Americans, thousands of Vietnamese, and thousands of other people. She apparently has found her voice. She has worked outside the home, although she has very little talent and probably has made more money by marrying several men who “took care of her” than she did by “acting”. She is never condemned by feminists. She is one of them. Because she toes the feminist line.

Feminism is hypocrisy at its best. Granted, there was a time when women needed to come together to gain the right to vote and to gain economically in the marketplace. I was very supportive of that effort in the 1970’s. But I was also very troubled by the fact that women who did not follow the feminist agenda were marginalized, or worse. I still have that concern.

I am also still concerned about how men have been marginalized by feminists. I am particularly troubled by the fact that feminism is sexism. If a group of men came out and said they were “masculinists” (my term), I believe that the earth would shatter like a crystal globe in an earthquake. Feminists would be saying that that group of men were nothing but male chauvinists. Yet, feminists are nothing but female chauvinists.

One of the saddest parts, for me, is that many men have adopted a feminist agenda, feeling shame for not being more feminine or, worse, becoming more feminine.

If we are going to progress as people, we need to become “personists” (my term). If we could get beyond the sexism in both directions we would learn to respect people of both sexes. We would respect the PERSON! Healthy people have a balance between their “feminine” qualities and their “masculine” qualities. That makes us “whole”.

Now would be a good time for chauvinists of both genders to step back, address their own psychological issues, and begin to respect one another for their differences as well as their similarity. Until that happens, it is all just hypocrisy.

Barbarella (Jane Fonda)

And Barbarella will rule.

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