The Elite Media: Oblivions of Both Types

Katie Couric: Oblivion of the First Type

As noted in a previous commentary, there are two kinds of Oblivions. Those who are members of the first group (Type 1) are just ignorant of the facts, either because they don’t take the time to learn or because they are incapable of comprehending the facts. Those who form the second group (Type 2) are people who chose to edit out information that doesn’t fit their own world view or political agenda.

Most in the elite media appear to be Oblivions of the Second Type. The elite media is no longer even trying to pretend that it is unbiased. I believe that is because they have been voicing their unrestrained bias for so many years that many of them just assume they can get away with it, promoting their own world view. I believe that the rest within the elite media don’t even know they are doing it (Oblivions of the First Type).

The latter group doesn’t even understand what is going on. An example of that is Katie Couric. Having observed Katie Couric of NBC during her pathetic career as news anchor, I can only give her the benefit of the doubt. She is ignorant: A true Oblivion of the First Type, not the more sinister Oblivion of the Second Type. She is not the only one, but she is a good example of the damage that Oblivions of the First Type can do to America.

I truly believe that Couric was and is just ignorant, mouthing scripts handed to her by others with much more clout and much more at stake, without understanding the implications. After all, she is surrounded by her left wing cocktail party friends and just assumes that what they say and what they think is what we all think.

On June 6, 2011, ABC announced that Couric signed a record $40 million dollar contract, and would begin hosting a daytime talk show for its Disney-ABC Domestic Television arm that would debut in September 2012, replacing the now-defunct The Oprah Winfrey Show on ABC owned-and-operated stations, and syndicated to other affiliates nationwide. Couric would also contribute to ABC News programming.

The elite media supports its own. Unlike Couric, the “higher-ups” in the elite media are not Oblivions of the First Type. They know exactly what they are doing and they will do everything possible to destroy the moral and social fabric of this country. In order to do so, they use the Oblivions of the First Type (also known as useful idiots) to get their work done. It is too bad that a person who seems as nice as Katie Couric has been used and continues to be used to destroy America.

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