Occupy Wall Street (And the Tea Party?)

In “A Tale of Two Protests: Media Cheer Wall Street Occupiers But Jeered Tea Partiers” Geoffrey Dickens of the Media Research Center reported a study of how ABC, CBS, and NBC loaded their broadcasts with coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests (MRC.org, October 13, 2011).

According to Dickens, “The Occupy Wall Street protestors have received overwhelmingly positive coverage from the Big Three … news networks, as they used their airtime to publicize and promote the aggressively leftist movement. In just the first eleven days of October, ABC, CBS and NBC flooded their morning and evening newscasts with a whopping 33 full stories or interview segments on the protesters. This was a far cry from the greeting the Tea Party received from the Big Three as that conservative protest movement was initially ignored (only 13 total stories in all of 2009) and then reviled.

“Where the Tea Party was met with skeptical claims of their motivations — with some reporters claiming they were merely corporate backed puppets and others implying they were spurred on by their racist opposition to the first black president – the Occupy Wall Street crowd was depicted as an almost genial “grassroots” movement.

“While network reporters weren’t hesitant to describe the Tea Party as conservative, only once did a reporter attach even the “liberal” label to the overtly leftist Wall Street protestors.”

[By the way, this is a typical tactic of the left. Either the media doesn’t realize that those on the left are leftists (because the media it self is leftist and sees the left as “normal”), or because they don’t want to turn off the public by labeling their own.]

“…Brian Williams, on the October 5 NBC Nightly News, (was) busy celebrating the arrival of the ‘massive protest movement’ that ‘could well turn out to be the protest of this current era.’”

“ABC’s Diane Sawyer was so excited she tripped herself up in hyperbole” as she exaggerated the spread of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“…the networks’ Occupy Wall Street (OWS) stories were overwhelmingly sympathetic: Protesters and supporters of the movement dominated the soundbites, with 109 (87%) to just 8 critics (6%). ”

“In 2009 Tea Partiers were repeatedly but accurately described as conservative. Back on the April 15, 2009 Today show, NBC’s Chuck Todd’s labeling was typical when he introduced the Tea Party movement to viewers this way: ‘There’s been some grassroots conservatives who have organized so-called Tea Parties around the country, hoping the historical reference will help galvanize Americans against the President’s economic ideas. But, I tell you, the idea hasn’t really caught on.’

“However, when it came to appropriately labeling the OWS crowd as leftist or liberals, it happened exactly one time, when on the October 11 edition of ABC’s Good Morning America, co-anchor George Stephanopoulous asked Obama campaign strategist David Plouffe if he thought the OWS protestors were the ‘liberal version of the Tea Party?’

“In fact, as the MRC’s Business & Media’s Julia Seymour documented, not one network report has called the protesters “radical,” “extreme,” “left-wing,” or “socialist.”

“Digging deeper into the stories, a clear double standard emerges. Where the Tea Party’s motives were met with skepticism, with some stories questioning if they were not a grassroots movement but rather an Astro-turf movement backed by corporations, the Occupy Wall Street crowd was repeatedly classified as “grassroots….when labor unions started joining the OWS protests, reporters didn’t greet that information with jaundiced skepticism of a movement being taken over by well-funded, well-heeled union organizers, but treated it as recognition of the growing respect and influence they were gaining.

“While the Tea Partiers were portrayed as racist and rude yokels, the OWS crowd has been portrayed in a decidedly more positive light with reporters highlighting cute school kids, spending their Columbus Day holiday holding up signs in opposition to corporate America and even featured a kindly grandmother baking cookies for the crowd.

“Despite hundreds of arrests, the media have painted the Occupy Wall Street crowd as friendly, genial, even industrious folk… ”

[Hundreds of arrests you say? But you did not see that on the elite media channels, right? Yet even today, according to the Star-Ledger Wire Services (October 14, 2011) “demonstrators associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement face(d) off with police in the streets of the financial district after the deadline for their removal from Zuccotti park was postponed on Friday. Many of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have been living in Zuccotti Park in the Financial District near Wall Street…The protests have begun to attract the attention of major unions and religious groups as the movement continues to grow in influence. Dozens of protesters were arrested in the morning demonstrations.”]

“In contrast (to the whitewashing of the Occupy Wall Street protests), in September of 2009, ‘NBC’s Brian Williams trumpeted Jimmy Carter’s charge that the Tea Party was motivated by race…In March of 2010, ABC’s Diane Sawyer cast Tea Partiers as out-of-control marauders, ‘roaming Washington, some of them increasingly emotional, yelling slurs and epithets.

“In the media’s coverage of the Wall Street occupiers and Tea Partiers, a clear tale of two different protests is seen. One that grew out of concern for out-of-control government spending was initially ignored and treated to catcalls of racism and thuggery by ABC, CBS and NBC. The other, a leftist movement screaming for an even more expansive government, that actually resulted in hundreds of arrests, was greeted by the Big Three networks with a tidal wave of coverage full of friendly talking heads.”

The photos below are from Mail Online. This is what is happening near Wall Street. These morons would rather live in squalor on the street than straighten up and get a job! What a pathetic summary of what has happened to America as the left has continued to move this country toward the image of Europe.

Occupy Wall Street Moron Destroying our Flag

Keith Olbermann Visits the Other Morons Near Wall Street

A "Peaceful Occupy Wall Street Protester" Defecating on a Police Car

It is time to stand up. If you defecate on a police car, or the American flag, you are done, my friend. You are done.

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