Dear Pat Kessler

Pat Kessler is a “political commentator” for WCCO in Minneapolis.  His previous jobs were with National Public Radio and Prairie Home Companion, both far left organizations.  He has been casting even more lies this season than in the past.  Here is a copy of the email I just sent him.


“Mr. Kessler:

I have watched you on TV for years.  I know that you come from a leftist perspective, having worked at the far left NPR and with the far left Garrison Keeler.  But now that you are working for what i would hope to be a reputable news organization, I would hope that you could put your leftist leanings aside and report the facts, accurately.  Clearly, my hopes are dashed.

“Your reporting on the Mills political ad regarding Syrian refuges was blatant politics.  You said at least twice that Mills is lying about the vetting of Syrian refugees and then said, at least once, that it is confirmed that vetting these people is difficult.  Of course it is difficult.  That means they cannot be vetted accurately.  If they cannot be vetted accurately they should not be brought into America by leftist, anti-American politicians.  You are 100% wrong on that story.

“You are also wrong on your story about who caused the violence at the Trump rally.  Why would you just take the position of a far-left Mayor unless you don’t care about the facts?  The evidence is against you.

“I think you are in the tank for the left.  I think you should just admit that and begin every story with a disclaimer.  Even though you have apparently been indoctrinated through years of affiliation, you are too good a person to play into the falsehoods of the left.”

About Doc

I am a Psychologist and a veteran of the Vietnam War. I work with abused children and with agencies which try to both prevent abuse and to empower those who have been abused. I feel strongly about child abuse and take every action I can to prevent it and to support the children I work with who have experienced it. I also feel strongly about politics and especially the course being taken by our nation. I believe that America is at a critical point in its development. How we answer the challenges from Islamic fascists and from our own internal enemies in the media, government, and academia will determine America’s future and the future of our children. I believe that if we don’t take the correct course now, America will go the way of Europe and that we will not reach the potential set out by our founding fathers. I believe that it is now getting serious. My gravitar is from "Darkman".
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