The Failure of the Veterans Health Administration

During a hearing on the recent 4,000-page independent assessment of the Veterans Health Administration, Secretary Robert McDonald admitted, “I am in the midst of a leadership crisis.” (Jonah Bennett, The Daily Caller, 10/8/15) He stated that he has added new leadership in an attempt to deal with the crisis.

It might come as a surprise to McDonald that he is facing more than just a leadership issue. Entrenched public employee union leaders continue to put their power and position above the veterans they are supposed to be serving. These leftists have made it difficult to get rid of driftwood at all levels of the VHA.

More broadly, McDonald is dealing with the lack of accountability that permeates ALL government bureaucracies. He has done nothing to improve that accountability. In fact, he has become part of the problem. Even when he has had the authority to clean house, he hasn’t.

As noted by Bennett, “The (independent) assessment showed that Kaiser Permanente, another health care provider, is incomparably more efficient than the VHA. Kaiser has 114,000 fewer employees, yet provides care for 3.3 million more patients. In terms of the number of appointments per day, VHA providers only see 10-12. Other providers can see nearly 24.”


It is NEVER acceptable for the government to be managing healthcare (or much of anything else, for that matter.) it fails one hundred percent of the time. It is never acceptable for public employees to be “protected” by unions at the expense of the end users of their services. In fact, the very existence of public employee unions flies in the face of common sense.

The solution to this problem is simple. Close the Veterans Health Administration. This would make a good first step in getting government out of most segments of American life.

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