Attack on the 10th Amendment: The Elimination of States Rights

The left is craftily bringing socialism to America. Once the people accept that level of government control, the next level (i.e., communism) will be easy.

BUT, there is one obstacle still in the way for the Alinsky-ites: States’ rights. In order for the plan to succeed strong central control is necessary. Having a bunch of ornery states causing trouble delays the process.

The plan to eliminate states’ rights is already afoot. Efforts to federalize local law enforcement are already apparent. Complete nationalization of health care is already underway with Obamacare (Make it so bad that people will hate it, then go all the way with socialized medicine). Elimination of state’s rights regarding education is well underway with Common Core. State level decisions about abortion have already been eliminated, as have decisions about marriage. States trying to enforce federal immigration laws are condemned and sometimes charged by the Department of Justice. Clearly, states’ rights are fast becoming a thing of the past.

One of the most recent steps in completing the elimination of the Republic is the uproar about the flying of the Confederate Flag.


Michelle Jesse (Allen West, 7/10/15) wrote the following:

“Today, many are cheering the end of an era in the South. As The New York Times reports, many see the lowering of the Confederate flag from outside South Carolina’s State House as ‘closing a chapter on a symbol of the Deep South and its history of resistance and racial animus.’ Whatever your views on the flag itself — symbol of racism and oppression vs. historical symbol of Southern pride — few would argue that the end of racial animus is a worthy cause for celebration.

 “However — chillingly — others see today’s lowering of the flag as closing a chapter on something most fundamental and dear to our great nation: states’ rights, as enumerated in the 10th Amendment of our Constitution. And, more chillingly, they may be onto something.

“Unbelievably — though, sadly, less surprising these days in Obama’s America — the person undermining our nation’s foundation is one who served under our president until just last year.

“With a hat tip to Weasel Zippers, see what former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) advisor Mohamed Elibiary had to say about (the) lowering of the Confederate flag: ‘States Rights was defeated with the Confederacy in the Civil War. USA has federalism and individual rights, period.’


Mohamed Elibiary

“(He also stated), ‘The @POTUS is 100% correct here. The entire South, not just SC, will never be the same again. #AllahuAkbar #God Bless.’”

As recounted by Michelle Jesse, Obama appointed Elibiary to the Department of Homeland Security. He was forced to leave that position when his connection to the Muslim Brotherhood was discovered. He was also found to have borrowed classified materials and to have tweeted that the return to sharia law is inevitable

.Weasel Zippers wrote: “Let no one mistake what is being said here, and what this controversy is about, as the former advisor spells out the point very simply. It’s not about the flag, but about federal control.”

The 10th Amendment is clear:

 The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

 It is time for Americans to stand up for states’ rights as set out by the Constitution. The politically correct, knee-jerk, well-choreographed condemnation of the Confederate Flag must be seen for what it is. It is not just about racism; it is about the destruction of the Republic.

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