The Lies About Gun Control

Australia banned guns and took them from citizens after a mass shooting. President Obama says that the gun ban ended mass killings.

“Well, there’s argument about whether the gun related homicides and other various crimes have actually increased or not. Some places have the homicide rate increasing at 3.2% and armed robbery increasing at 44%. Some other stats have them remaining about the same.

“At the very least we know that the policies have not significantly decreased crime. That’s not even being debated” (Louder with Crowder, 7/25/15).

It is a moronic, liberal fallacy to believe that preventing law-abiding citizens from owning and carrying weapons will somehow reduce crime. All it does is give criminals free-range shooting privileges. Even where citizens are allowed the right to carry, every established gun-free zone becomes an “Open Season on Innocents” zone. Every murder that occurs in an OSI rests on both the shooter and the group establishing the OSI zone.


Once again, our President is lying. Maybe he thinks that if he tells the lie enough it will become true. That’s the “progressive” way.

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I am a Psychologist and a veteran of the Vietnam War. I work with abused children and with agencies which try to both prevent abuse and to empower those who have been abused. I feel strongly about child abuse and take every action I can to prevent it and to support the children I work with who have experienced it. I also feel strongly about politics and especially the course being taken by our nation. I believe that America is at a critical point in its development. How we answer the challenges from Islamic fascists and from our own internal enemies in the media, government, and academia will determine America’s future and the future of our children. I believe that if we don’t take the correct course now, America will go the way of Europe and that we will not reach the potential set out by our founding fathers. I believe that it is now getting serious. My gravitar is from "Darkman".
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