The Decay of American Education

Well-known author and scholar Heather Mac Donald had some harsh words for the leaders of UCLA. She was charged with going there to talk about the idea of “microaggressions” on college campuses. In doing so, she “outlined the proliferation of the ‘massive diversity bureaucracy’ at universities in general and UCLA in particular. She called out UCLA’s brand new Vice Chancellor for Equity and Diversity position by mentioning his salary alone could ‘pay…for 12 under privileged college students’ to attend UCLA.

“She also chided UCLA Chancellor Gene Block for ‘selling out his faculty’ and believing ‘that faculty need constant monitoring by a phalanx of chancellorettes and deanlettes’” (Jacob Kohlhepp, The College Fix, via Dennis Prager, 4/22/15).

“MacDonald (who) is a self-proclaimed ‘secular conservative’ proceeded to describe a litany of academic horrors at the public campus. (For example) she recalled an incident in the UCLA Education school where 81-year old professor emeritus Val Dean Rust was subject to protests because of alleged microaggressions in his editing of student papers a few years ago. He had required students to write ‘Indigenous’ in lowercase form instead of uppercase, and required students to capitalize ‘white’ if they also chose to capitalize ‘black’.

“Mac Donald called the result of the situation – in which Rust was forced to stay away from UCLA for six months and the student protester who led the cause was praised – as a ‘travesty of justice typical of this reign of terror.’

“She mentioned that she herself interviewed many of Rust’s former students, and all of them had nothing but praise for the retired professor, who was well known for only wanting the best for his students. Her final verdict on the situation was that ‘UCLA grovels to protesters.’

“In the closing moments of her lecture, Mac Donald implored students to reject what she calls a ‘cult of victimhood.’ She encouraged students instead ‘get revenge by acing your chemistry exam.’”

And therein lies the crux of the issue. Those on the left promoting divisiveness must have a group of people who define themselves as victims. A victim class gives the left power. Conservatives empower people. Even if someone has been victimized (an act committed upon that person), the individual does not have to label himself as a victim (a self-definition).

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In his book, Brainwashed, Ben Shapiro highlighted the decay of our colleges and universities. For the most part they have become spittoons of divisive, socialist/communist, anti-American ideology. Their ideology is destroying America at its core; it’s youth.

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