Obama’s Islamofascist War on America

“Retired 4-Star U.S. Navy Admiral James A. ‘Ace’ Lyons (speaking) at the National Press Club in January said that under Obama’s guidance, the Obama Regime has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorism front group.  (He said) that the radical anti-freedom organization has penetrated every U.S. security agency. Admiral Lyons said that ‘the transformation of America has been in full swing ever since 2008,’ the year Obama was elected based upon his campaign promise to ‘fundamentally transform America.’”  (Matthew Burke, TPNN, 2/9/15)

Admiral Lyons

Admiral Lyons

According to Admiral Lyons, “Obama’s refusal to…attend the unity march in France to condemn Islamic terrorism was a ‘signal to Islamic Jihadis,’ and is ‘one of many signals he sent over the years while in office.’”

Burke quotes Lyons as adding that “‘There’s no question we got a hell of a job ahead of us…With the Muslim Brotherhood penetration in every one of our national security agencies, including all our intelligence agencies…(Even) our lead intelligence agency is headed by a Muslim convert’” The latter was a reference to Obama CIA head John Brennan.

“‘The new GOP majority in both houses of Congress were (sic) elected to stop the transformation of America, not to see how they could work with the president.’”

Most impressively, from my point of view, “Admiral Lyons asserted that there is no such thing as radical Islam, but that ‘Islam is Islam…The threat is Islam. Let’s make no mistake about it. There’s no such thing as radical Islam.’”

Some commentators have accused Obama of being a socialist.  If only that was true!  Everything Obama has done since his first election has been to bring Islamofascism (and fascism in general) to the forefront in America.

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