Fundamental Transformation: The Communist Way

Kevin D. Williamson (1/5/15) has provided an interesting commentary on the failure of communism.  He wrote, “The fullest and most comprehensive attempts to impose socialism on a society happened in the twentieth century in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the People’s Republic of China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and like-minded enterprises.


“’Communism’ is what socialists call socialism that they do not want to talk about, but in the interest of fairness I should emphasize that I do not believe that the USSR (was) … what the Russian revolutionaries had in mind … and it probably (was) not really what Lenin or even Stalin desired. Almost nobody sets out to impoverish, oppress, starve, and murder millions of people, but that is what happened, and that it happened is not a mere coincidence deriving from defects within Russian culture or Mao’s management style. It probably is not the case that the Russians failed socialism, but that socialism failed the Russians.

“Under a system that imposed heavy government regimentation … (and) ownership … of the economy, … the environmental results were nothing short of catastrophic…The direct human, economic, and environmental costs of socialist policy in the twentieth century — the famines, the deformations, the horrific birth defects — (has been) a disaster…”

The goal of Russian, Chinese, and Korean communists was to fundamentally transform the economy and the overall society of their nations.  They all failed.  Big government fails.  Leaders grab power and the people, the economy, and the environment suffer greatly.

Obama and his political, academic, and One World handlers have not learned from the failures of their communist predecessors.  Absolute totalitarianism fails absolutely.

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