Anita Dittman on Today’s America

Anita Dittman, Holocaust survivor and author of Trapped in Hitler’s Hell, (has) explain(ed) the striking similarities she has observed recently between the U.S. and Nazi Germany (Elly Maye, Blessing Buzz, 1/12/15).


“First off, the ‘love of socialism’ in the air. Obamacare, or as Dittman calls it, ‘socialized medicine,’ is one of her biggest concerns when making comparisons. ‘The doctors are no longer able to choose the right thing for the patient,’ Dittman says. ‘Many doctors go to other jobs now,’ which Dittman says she saw in Germany as well.  We have seen many examples of this and it’s expected to get worse.

“Dittman recalls Hitler coming to take over and acting as a ‘savior’ for a country in crisis. A parallel is drawn from that to the tone in America in recent years, along with a ‘hatred for the Jewish people’ that she claims is starting again, and we’ve seen evidence of in many places like college campuses.

“There is also concern for how prominent leaders have shown ‘affection for the Islamic world’ and have been (anti-Semitic) towards Israel in return.  Additionally, Dittman draws a link between the churches in Germany who went along with Nazism, and the churches in America today who are going along with socialism and being unfriendly towards the Jewish people and Israel.

“Not good.

“Her last point made quite an impact. Dittman says that when she first came to America, she was able to speak in schools. Now, the only schools she has been able to speak in are ‘a few Christian schools’.”

It seems clear that what is happening now in America is quite similar to events that took place as fascism grew in Germany.  Ms. Dittman was there and can warn of the similarities.  But it is up to us to listen and vote today’s fascists (of both parties) out of office.


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