Hillary and Terrorism

Hillary Clinton has shown remarkable disdain for the facts about terror. Andrew McCarthy (National Review Online, 1/11/15) reminds us that during her “Istanbul summit”, then-Secretary Hillary Clinton joined her Muslim partners in lamenting the Obama administration’s failure to muzzle “Islamophobia”. She and her new partners made no distinction between the attitudes of Americans regarding non-terrorist and terrorist Muslims.  They also made no distinction between detesting Islamist terrorists and being afraid of them.

Hillary noted that the effort to rid America of this presumed (and primarily concocted) “Islamophobia” have been hampered by a legal inconvenience, i.e., that whole First Amendment thing.  As documented by McCarthy, she said she believed there was “a way around the First Amendment. The United States government would ‘use some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming so that people don’t feel they have the support to do what we abhor.’ ”  Her theory is that “since we can’t make the law prohibit critical examination of Islam, we hereby endorse coercion.”

As the consummate elitist, Hillary clearly has no patience for the little people having a right to free speech.  It seems that in her mind, such privileges are reserved for the elites such as herself.


It can’t be forgotten that shortly after Hillary’s Muslim partnership was cemented, jihadists in Benghazi murdered the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other American officials.  McCarthy noted “Secretary Clinton, President Obama, and their underlings took pains to blame the attack, falsely, on an anti-Islamic video and choreographed a high-profile jailing and prosecution of the video producer. The exercise was portrayed to Islamists the world over as a demonstration of new American priorities: Free expression must submit to sharia repression.”

Clinton and Obama are appeasing Islamist terrorists.  Is this appeasement analogous to that of Neville Chamberlain?  Or is it in the form of complicity?  We do know that the President has said that the future “must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” and that that, if it comes to it, he will side with Islam.  We also know that Hillary has shown no concern, guilt, or shame about the murders in Benghazi that occurred under her watch.  Remember, she said, “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?” concerning the facts about the islamist terrorist murders.

As of now all we see is that Obama and Clinton have appeased and even sided with terrorists and their supporters.  In fact, most of the other leftist leaders in Washington have also been unwilling to name and attack terrorism.

Appeasement, regardless of the reason will only bring disaster to America and to the rest of the civilized world.

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