Do Not Resuscitate

Rep. John Boehner was re-elected again as Speaker of the House.  It is time to put up the “Do Not Resuscitate” sign on Congress.


Boehner is a RINO.  He appears to be closer in values to Pelosi and Obama than to Conservative Republicans.  While he says he will stand up to Obama, he has handed over control of healthcare to corrupt Democrats and their socialist allies, while allowing yet another obscene budget to pass with no limitations.  He says the House must pick its battles.  He has yet to pick one of any significance while participating in and endorsing the worst government overreach in history.

Establishment Republicans may be cheering tonight.  What they should be doing is apologizing to the Conservatives who voted for them, hoping for much more.  After their apologies, those RINOs should resign from office in disgrace.

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I am a Psychologist and a veteran of the Vietnam War. I work with abused children and with agencies which try to both prevent abuse and to empower those who have been abused. I feel strongly about child abuse and take every action I can to prevent it and to support the children I work with who have experienced it. I also feel strongly about politics and especially the course being taken by our nation. I believe that America is at a critical point in its development. How we answer the challenges from Islamic fascists and from our own internal enemies in the media, government, and academia will determine America’s future and the future of our children. I believe that if we don’t take the correct course now, America will go the way of Europe and that we will not reach the potential set out by our founding fathers. I believe that it is now getting serious. My gravitar is from "Darkman".
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