Naive or Complicit: Either Way Leads to Impeachment

ViralBuzz (12/16/14) stated that “FrontPageMag broke the story of the treasonous release of Pakistani Taliban leader who is the second in command of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). That release took place …only eight days prior to the horrendous slaughter of children and school staff in Pakistan…Tehreek-e-Taliban is the exact group claiming responsibility for (the) massacre in Peshawar, leaving 141 dead.”

“Senior TTP commander Latif Mehsud was handed over to Pakistani authorities according to the source there. This was not the first time Obama has handed over Taliban leaders to Pakistan authorities who then have released them into the main populace. It is not without merit to wonder if (the school) attack has any relation to (Mehsud) being set free.

“Nearly a year ago John Kerry was hailing this particular terrorist arrest by the US and now we see he has been let go. How long must we watch American leadership aid and abet the enemies of our people and way of life?”


In its own right, the release of Mehsud by President Obama is criminal and probably treasonous.  I believe it is an impeachable offense.  That belief would only be strengthened if it proves true that Mehsud took part in the massacre of the children and staff in Peshawar.   Any president who “trusts” Pakistan to secure released Taliban members is either naïve or complicit.  Either way, Obama needs to be impeached.

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