The Case of the Naive Mayor

So the Mayor of Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges, was pictured with a black “ex-criminal” with gang ties giving what police identified as a gang symbol — pointing at each other with their thumbs.  The Mayor denies it was a gang symbol, despite what has been said by law enforcement officers who familiar are with the gangs.  A reporter who called the Mayor on this was run over the coals by race-baiters and all sorts of liberal hacks.  Fortunately, neither the reporter nor his news organization (KSTP-TV) has apologized despite several heated demands.  In addition, law enforcement has also not apologized.

I see nothing to apologize for.  Whether the Mayor knew it or not, according to law enforcement the greeting was a gang symbol.

The Mayor is a “trusting” liberal.  I believe she got conned.  I believe the gang member said:

“Hey Mayor, let’s have our picture taken together.  We can point at each other with our thumbs.  It will be fun! “

Then I believe the hapless Mayor said,  “Sure.  It will show I care about blacks.”

In the meantime I suppose that the gang member was secretly laughing, saying to buddies, “Look what I made that fool do”.

I will give the Mayor the benefit of the doubt.  I do believe that she had no idea what she was doing.  After all, as I said, she is a liberal.  But now she needs to come clean, say she sees that she got conned, and apologize for being so naive.


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