Everytown Gun Haters and their Lies

It is amazing what happens when a real journalist looks into the FACTS of a situation and is not guided by the typical leftist media code. Charles C. Johnson did a review of the claims made by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and by Everytown for Gun Safety. Both are “grassroots” organizations funded and controlled by Michael Bloomberg (below), the socialist, ex-mayor of New York City.


Johnson found something incredible. These two Second Amendment hating organizations lied about the data concerning school shootings. Of course this is not a surprise since the left always has to lie to boost its phony agenda. The term school shooting describes targeted school shootings that are intentional, usually aimed at peers or staff. Just the fact of an accidental, crime-related, or suicide-related gun discharge in or near a school doesn’t fit the definition. Of course, they are not something we would want to see happen, but linking such actions with shootings such as that at Sandy Hook is deceptive, minimizing or real targeted school shootings, and meant only to frighten uninformed citizens into creating even more laws against guns.

For further on this please see BEARING ARMS.COM (Bob Owens, 6/11/14). Highlights of that article are outlined here.

Bloomberg’s groups of liars claimed that 74 school shootings have occurred since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Of course, this is an impossibly high number and one that is so inflated as to be a joke. Johnson found that the “Overwhelming majority of fake school shootings listed by Everytown are gang-related, drug related, crime-related, or suicides.” Others weren’t shootings at all.

Here are some of Johnson’s findings:

• “School shooting at West Side Elementary was gun in backpack that didn’t hurt anybody.”
• “School shooting …at Milwaukee school was crossfire from gang battle.”
• “School shooting at Georgia Gwinnett College was suicide attempt.”
• “School shooting (at Georgetown College)…was accidental discharge by buddy that ricocheted off floor.”
• “Pair of shootings at Paine College…are drug related.”
• “Another fake school shooting listed by Everytown referred to a “teen shot in gang altercation playing basketball on the weekend.”
• “Marquette University ‘school shooting’ …is a robbery that went bad. Not fatal.”
• “Fake school shooting that Everytown lists isn’t a school shooting but a suicide attempt.”

Other examples are “mugging gone bad”, additional suicides and gang-related shootings, and several adults shooting each other in parking lots. Of the 74 “incidents”, 12 involved an actual targeted shooter situation on campus, one of which resulted in a mass shooting of four or more on school grounds while school was in session (Santa Monica College) and two of which recently resulted in deaths of less than four at a university in Washington state and at a high school in Oregon.

Given this, it is clear that Michael Bloomberg doesn’t care about the truth. If he did he would fire Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts (below) and Everytown’s Erika Soto Lamb. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

shannon watts

We know these people are fanatics with an agenda. But, because there are so many uninformed Americans open to being controlled, these fanatics can’t be dismissed. They want all guns banned in America and the Second Amendment scrapped. If they weren’t pushing for control of Americans and were truly concerned about the safety of Americans, they would not be pushing their agenda. Even if they got their way and all guns were magically banned in our nation, bad people would still kill other bad people as well as good people. The gun is not the issue. Should we ban wire, rope, gasoline, matches, cars, cliffs, knives, screwdrivers, bricks and insecticides? All of those can be used to kill as well.

We are not talking about rocket science here. Bad people use any weapon available to control or kill others. There a multitude of laws on the books right now, that if enforced, would keep some guns out of the hands of bad people. But we will never completely succeed by law alone. So what can we do?

First and foremost, ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS! It is against the law to give a gun to a felon. Families can request that their mental health professionals request law enforcement limit access to guns from those who have a serious, life threatening mental illness. It is against the law to leave guns around the home for children to find. It is generally against the law to shoot someone except in self-defense.

Secondly, stop exaggerating the data in order to push political agendas aimed at controlling Americans. Scaring people doesn’t work. In fact, the inflation of the data simply intensifies focus in an undue manner, leading copycats and others to seek their own day in the news.

Bloomberg needs to be seen for what he is: a demagogue who wants total control of the “masses” in order to carry out his own One World agenda. Watts and Lamb also need to be seen for what they are: fanatical “useful idiots” selling a load of manure to an uninformed public.

Lets move on people. Enforce the law and find another “cause célèbre” for the rest of the month.

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