Keith Ellison and the “Progressive Way”

Our own little Muslim Congressman, Rep. Keith Ellison, D. Minn., went up against the wrong guy on Wednesday evening.

Keith Ellison

While the far left has always bullied those that disagree with them, there are some people on the right who cannot be bullied. Sean Hannity is one of those people.

Sean Hannity

In terms of background. “Progressives” have always practiced three key approaches to getting their way. This is true rather they call themselves liberals, socialists, fascists, or communists, since they are all the same.

1. When anyone disagrees with them, they yell louder, castigate and minimize the other person (not just the person’s idea, but the person him or herself). They look at the other person as a threat, define that other person as stupid, and get others (even those on the right) to agree.

2. “Progressives” take away small freedoms first. Then gradually take away more and bigger freedoms. They know that if they say it long enough and loud enough it becomes truth to many who are less than knowledgeable or who lean left anyway. This is where we find ourselves now in America. In following the way of the U.S.S.R., Communist China, Nazi Germany, parts of Europe, and many other nations, Americans have lost many basic freedoms already, with many more to come. This is how “progressives” gain control without firing a shot, either literally or figuratively.

3. When people in the middle or on the right finally stand up and just say “no more”, “progressives” take the final step in their conquest. They just ignore the law. This is evident in President Obama’s illegal act of ignoring the court’s ruling that his appointment of National Labor Relations Board members during a legislative break was illegal. It is equally evident that the President intends to continue his criminal disregard for the courts or for Congress with his actions. For example, during his silly State of the Union address, it was clear that he sees himself as above the law, stating that if Congress doesn’t do what he wants he will do it himself. This is equally true when it comes to his appointments of various “czars” and his many, many executive orders.

So, that is the background. Progressives don’t take well to being challenged. Rep. Ellison knew that he was going to be challenged by Sean Hannity. So he took the offensive almost from the beginning. He yelled and ranted like a two-year old child. He wouldn’t answer legitimate questions. Instead he tried to minimize Hannity though name-calling, yelling, and bullying. Fortunately, Hannity kept trying to ask questions. He finally said “Congressman, you are a total waste of time. I’m moving on because our audience deserves better…”

Ellison is just another “progressive”. In some ways he is even more dangerous than some of the others given his theological bent.

It was a sad day when Minnesota’s urban “progressives” elected this moron.

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