Romney Needs to Step Up!

According to the Associated Press (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 9/18/12) “Mitt Romney sought to get his campaign back on track Tuesday after the revelation of a video in which he said nearly half of Americans ‘believe they are victims,’ are dependent on the government and bound to vote for President Barack Obama. The Obama campaign worked to spread the quotes to any voters who hadn’t already heard them.

“In the Romney video, recorded at a Florida fundraiser in May, the candidate says 47 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes and believe they are entitled to extensive government support. ”

Mitt Romney

Romney was right. Romney was wrong.

He was right in saying that a large number of Americans have come to rely on government to meet their every need. He used the number 47%. I don’t know for sure that that is the correct percentage but it must be close.

Romney was wrong. He should not have backed off.

When a leader says something he or she MUST stand by it and back it up. The evidence is there. Governor Romney should not have backed down. When you say it and don’t back it up you look like a kid caught with his pants down pleasuring himself in the bathroom. Romney cannot win this election by continuing to look like he was caught with his pants down.


What Romney said is true. and if he stands by his statement the 53 percent of the population who don’t find it necessary to rely on government for everything will back him up. But they will not back him if he continues to look so weak and apologetic. Our last Republican candidate for president proved that conservatives will not support a moderate, weak candidate.

We already have an apologetic president. Now we need one who is strong.

With all due respect for Governor Romney, he said that he plans no apology. His statement that President Obama favors “a government-centered society with people dependent on public support” is very true. One of those people dependent on government said of the web video that “I actually felt sick to my stomach”. Of course she felt sick to her stomach. If Romney is elected she might have to take care of herself.

Granted, Romney told reporters that while his comments were “not elegantly stated,” he stood by his remarks.

Here is the problem. According to the AP, “Romney advisers concede the video came at a bad time — seven weeks before Election Day and with early voting beginning in two dozen states by this weekend.”

If Romney advisors had any testes they would have said that this video came at exactly the RIGHT time. Romney should fire whoever were the apologists.

This is an opportunity, not a deficit. This statement could have been the defining moment in this campaign. Large government against small government. Entitlement vs. empowerment.

There is no gray area here. Romney needs to say the truth as he sees it and get rid of his advisors who are establishment hacks.

Obama needs to do the same. He just needs to say that he wants to redistribute wealth and to control the population through that wealth redistribution.

Based on those truths, we, the people, will choose the correct candidate.

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