Another Obama Failure


According to the AP (Charles Babington, 9/13/12), “The White House says the U.S. deplores the content of an amateur film that denigrates Islam, but America’s free speech rights allow such films to air.

“White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Thursday that the Obama administration also condemns the violence in several Islamic countries the film has reportedly triggered. He says the attacks on U.S. facilities in Egypt, Libya and Yemen are totally unjustified and should be squelched by local governments.

“The attack in Benghazi, Libya, killed four U.S. diplomats, including the ambassador.

“Carney said America has a long tradition of free expression that puzzles some foreigners, who blame the government for not blocking the film from the Internet.
Attorney General Eric Holder said Justice Department officials had opened a criminal investigation into the diplomats’ deaths.”


First, the White House notes that it deplores the content of a movie. Based on what I have seen to date, the movie doesn’t denigrate Islam. The movie just normalizes the religion by telling the truth about its founder and about what Muslim zealots believe.

Only after condemning the movie did the White House mention that it condemns the actions of those who killed four U.S. diplomats. And only after that did the White House mention that America has a little thing called freedom of speech.

We have a real problem in this country when our president spends more time sucking up to islamofascists than defending our Constitution. Even worse, our president has decided that he will sick the Attorney General after the murderers by opening a “criminal investigation into the diplomats’ deaths.” That is like the United Nations sending out a “harshly worded statement” to those who murder innocents around the world.

This is not a law enforcement issue. This is an act of war.

If we had a real president, the next action would not be a “criminal investigation”. It would be a very REAL military response.

I understand that neither Libya nor Egypt have a tourist attraction as beautiful as our own Grand Canyon. We could fix that very quickly.

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