2016: The End of America?

Dinesh D'Souza

The movie “2016: Obama’s America” is based on books written by Dinesh D’Souza and produced by Gerald R. Molen (Schindler’s List). Neither are lightweights when it comes to both intelligence and political understanding. I wrote that I would see the movie and read the books and then discuss both here. The two books are:

• Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream
• The Roots of Obama’s Rage

My focus here will be on the movie since it does a good job of summarizing the books.

The most frightening part of the movie (and there are many) is the reaction that Mr. D’Souza received from a TV interviewer. As D’Souza explained that as a college president (King’s College) , he is not about trying to harm President Obama but to just get the truth out there. The interviewer smirked as do many elite media types when confronted with someone smarter than themselves.

While not in the movie, Bill Maher also reacted with that same smirk during an interview on his television show. Of course, the coarse and ignorant Bill Maher was critical of D’Souza. There’s a surprise! (By the way, why does that guy still have a television show?)

In addition to the expected negative reaction of Obama’s public relations firms (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, LA Times, NY Times, HBO, etc.) many non-media people write derogatory letters, commentary, and blog posts about D’Souza’s books and movie, saying that he is misrepresenting the facts. AND YET, THE INFORMATION IN BOTH THE BOOKS AND MOVIES COMES PRIMARILY FROM PRESIDENT OBAMA’S OWN WRITINGS AND TAPED COMMENTS. Either President Obama is misrepresenting himself, or he is not. D’Souza has nothing to do with that.

President Obama

The main thrust of the books and movie is that President Obama is anti-colonialism and anti-capitalism. He detests “occupiers” and believes America is an occupier. He blames America for the bad things that have happened in Africa and around the world. He sides with Arabs in the Middle East, even if they are the ones doing the killing and maiming. He won’t take steps to end mass killings in the Middle East and in Africa because he sees the killers as righteous, sometimes fighting colonization and American capitalistic wealth.

According to D’Souza, President Obama sees Israel as an one of the capitalist occupiers and does everything possible to undermine that nation’s right to survive. That includes disrespecting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel during a White House visit and in an “off-mic” conversation with French President Nicolas Sarkozy (not included in the books or movie).

President Obama’s disrespect for Israel continues well beyond the writing of the books and movie. Today, for example, Isabel Kershner and Rick Gladstone (NY Times, 9/11/12) wrote that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel harshly criticized the Obama administration…over recent statements that the United States would not set deadlines or draw ‘red lines’ for Iran over its disputed uranium enrichment activities, calling such comments a signal to the Iranians that they could build atomic bombs with impunity.”

Israel can be destroyed with ONE nuclear weapon. It would take many, many nuclear weapons to destroy all of the Middle East. And yet, America will not support Israel in its own survival.

President Obama’s disrespect for Israel is demonstrated in even smaller slights (also not included in the books or movie). For example, Frederic J. Frommer (AP, 9/10/12) reported that “The Obama administration is opposing a Jewish group’s bid to have civil fines levied against Russia for failing to obey a court order to return its historic books and documents… The U.S. District Court ruled that it has a valid claim to the tens of thousands of religious books and manuscripts, some up to 500 years old, which record the group’s core teachings and traditions.”

Once again, President Obama sides with communists instead of friends of America.

As demonstrated in D’Souza’s books and movie, much of President Obama’s world view is based on his fantasies about the father he only met once. In fact, much of the movie is based on President Obama’s own book, “Dreams From My Father”. According to D’Souza’s research, President Obama’s world view is also based on his “mentorship” by Communists and Socialists both in Hawaii and mainland United States. President Obama’s own brother disagrees with him about the negative role of “colonists” in Africa. As a result, President Obama has ignored him as the brother continues to live his own life in a hut.

For President Obama, either you are with him or against him, no matter who you are. Sounds a bit like a borderline personality disorder to me.

Of course this was best demonstrated when then-candidate Obama made Reverend Jeremiah Wright go away. While Obama knew exactly what Wright was about, Obama threw him to the wolves when Wright became a liability.

Rev. Wright

As the movie and books also demonstrate, President Obama is about winning. As much as he hates American colonization, capitalism, and almost everything about American exceptionalism, he learned early on that as an African American, if he smiled and didn’t show his rage, Caucasians would give him anything. He learned well. Whites gave him the presidency.

The movie and books are selling well, despite being totally ignored by the elite media. No one on the left wants these truths to be told. If the elite media HAS to discuss the writings and movie, they do so with that smirk that, in itself, discounts D’Souza and the truth. The fact that these truths are in Obama’s own words and are ignored show the lengths that the left will go to cover the fact that they are complicit in the attempt by the far left to take over America and, in Obama’s own words, to TRANSFORM AMERICA.

Now we know what candidate Obama meant when he used to term “change”. If we give him another four years, that change will be so great that none of us will recognize our own country. He has already told Russian President Medvedev that if given another term, he will have more flexibility. That, in itself, is scary.


President Obama hates what America has accomplished. He wants to not only redistribute wealth within America, but he wants to redistribute wealth across the globe. He wants to weaken America so that we are not stronger than other nations. He wants American exceptionalism to be dead.

As Michele Bachman said three years ago, President Obama is anti-American. She was laughed at, minimized, and derided just as Senator Joseph McCarthy was ridiculed when he recognized that our government and military were being overrun by communists. That is how the left handles their “unfortunate truths”.

I just hope that in November, American voters will handle OUR unfortunate truth by ridding ourselves of President Obama and his gang of “progressive” thugs who want to take away everything that our forefathers created. America does not need an angry, American-hating man as our commander-in-chief.

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