Leftists and the Theft of Rights

Let’s do an exercise. Let’s make a list of all the things that conservatives want to take away from you. Now let’s make a list of all the things that progressives (liberals/socialists/communists/fascists) want to take away from you. (In case you missed it, progressives by any other name are all the same.)

The list for conservatives focuses on moral issues, specifically abortion, marriage, and voting integrity.

• Abortion: The Republican Party’s platform committee recently endorsed a constitutional ban on all abortions. True conservatives believe in the dignity of life, starting at conception, and while firm in their belief about when life begins, don’t try to mandate that abortion be prohibited by government. They believe that the discussion should be between a mother, a father, and a physician. Instead of mandates from government and the courts or yelling from religious and leftist organizations, it may well be that the clearest way to resolve the abortion controversy is via a constitutional amendment. Only then do the people decide and we can lay this issue to rest.

• Marriage: True conservatives also believe that marriage should be reserved for a man and a woman. Instead of trying to legislate that from above, however, they once again want the people to decide through their votes on various state constitutional amendments.

• Voting Integrity: True conservatives also believe that people who vote should be required to show some sort of identification. This is no different than requiring identification to use a check or debit card to buy a hamburger. We all know that we need to show identification to buy a beer or to buy a pack of cigarettes. Of course, progressives want to prevent “the masses” from eating fast food, drinking, or smoking those evil cigarettes, so they are not interested in prohibiting the requirement to show ID for those life events. However, they want people with no identification to do the most important thing that an American can do– VOTE.

I am not aware of any other areas of our personal lives that conservatives want to control, although I am sure that some will come to my attention.

Now here is a partial list of the rights that progressives want to take away from you.

• The right to have and use an outside fire pit.
• The right to have an use an inside fireplace (it seems that because a few people don’t like the smell of smoke, we all have to stop burning wood).
• The right to smoke, even in our own homes and cars (some leftist might accidently smell it).
• The right to eat crap food if we want to (we might all get fat).
• The right to NOT have health insurance (without this mandate, Obamacare would die, as do all socialist ideas without government mandate).
• The right to own and carry a gun in order to protect ourselves (only the bad guys should have guns?).
• The right of businesses in cities to keep lights on overnight for safety reasons (apparently this interferes with the sleep of leftists who move into cities but decide to not put shades on their windows).
• The right to prevent government from stealing private property (through eminent domain).
• The right to drive a car from place to place without law enforcement tracking us via photographed license plates (an event happening currently in liberal-controlled Minneapolis). The technology can be useful but needs to be restricted to tracking bad guys, not just any doofus, like me, driving down “Anystreet, Minneapolis”.
• The right of women to wear high heels (it could hurt their feet and apparently liberals don’t believe women are smart enough to make that decision for themselves).
• The right to own a vehicle of whatever size the owner chooses without punitive taxation and other government deterrence (another “energy” and “global warming” farce).
• The right to use gasoline in our cars that is not polluted by corn.
• The right to live where we want despite government interference in the name of preventing urban sprawl (leftists want us all to live close together so they can keep a better eye on us and control how far we drive to work or to buy groceries).
• The right for motorcyclists and bicyclists to not wear a helmet.
• The right to protect oneself as a motorcyclist by having a loud engine.
• The right to wear fragrances.
• The right to microwave popcorn in public.
• The right to offend someone (as long as we are telling the truth) without being sued.
• The right to practice our religion unencumbered by government.
• The right to exercise scientific skepticism when it goes against our current version of politicized science.
• The right to put serial child molesters away for life (or better yet, to kill them).
• The right of religious organizations to hire people they choose within the structure of church doctrine.
• The right to voice a conservative opinion without being punished by educational institutions or by government either directly or via various leftist front groups (see Target Corporation and Chic-fil-A). Interestingly, corporations like General Mills that voice leftist opinions are rarely or ever boycotted or punished by government front groups.

Target Cops Out

Chick-fil-A Doesn't Cop Out

As stated so well by Jason Lewis (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 8/19/12) liberals want badly to take away our rights. For example, “in the wake of every tragedy with a firearm, liberal Democrats show a remarkable willingness to sacrifice the rights of self-defense. It’s becoming abundantly clear they won’t stop there.”

Jason Lewis

Lewis went on to state the following: “When the mayors of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco put free speech in the cross hairs by threatening to deny business permits based on the political views of executives, you know you’ve entered a brave new world. Conservative critics say the blacklisting of Chick-fil-A for CEO Dan Cathy’s support of traditional marriage was merely the latest in a long line of attacks on religious liberty, and that’s true.

“After all, it was the Obama Justice Department that filed a brief in support of denying houses of worship the longstanding ‘ministerial exception’ to employment law. Without such an exception, no church would be able to hire and fire based on its ‘free exercise’ of religion. (In a rare flash of sanity, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected the administration’s view.)

“Next, it was Obamacare that forced the Catholic Church to provide contraceptives and sterilization procedures in health care plans. …more than just religious freedom, all of this represents a chilling assault on the First Amendment. And in battles over the primacy of free speech in an open society, I’m afraid you will indeed find a long litany of censorious attempts by the so-called purveyors of tolerance to silence their political opponents.

“To wit, James Hansen, chief of the government’s global-warming advocacy agency (aka NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies), has gone so far as to suggest that ‘skeptics’ be tried for crimes against humanity. Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute for Studies fraudulently acquires Heartland Institute documents and sends them off to liberal activists and journalists. The stolen files are then used by a front group, Forecast the Facts, to bully public companies and meteorologists who dare to question the climate apocalypse. Color of Change boasts that under pressure from its censors, some 20 companies have stopped supporting the American Legislative Exchange Council, a free-market think tank dedicated to state issues. ALEC’s crime: supporting voter ID laws.

“And, of course, Harry Reid — last seen disgracing the Senate by lying about Mitt Romney’s taxes — tried to push through the Disclose Act of 2012. By outlawing anonymous political speech (see the Federalist Papers) the bill was designed to provide easy access to left-wing activists hell-bent on intimidating companies who contribute to conservative causes.”

The majority in this country needs to get their heads out of that dark place and realize that they are being led by the nose by various small minorities with lots of money and lots of blather. For example, given the press they receive you would believe that the gay/lesbian population was at least half of this country. All reliable research puts that number between two and four percent, depending on gender. We would also be led to believe that most Americans are opposed to vote ID laws, when, in fact, the majority are in favor. This is a clever ploy by the left. Say it enough and loud enough and members of the general populace will come to believe that THEY are the minority, and therefore, wrong.

Slow Boiling Doesn't Hurt?

Like the slow boiling of a frog or lobster, we are succumbing to the slow death of our freedom at the hands of various wrong-minded minorities. We have seen this throughout history, most recently in the form of communism, socialism, fascism, and now islamofascism. As Lewis notes, “There’s an old adage about taking away the rights of others jeopardizing your own. Messing with even unpopular liberties, it seems, can quickly become a bad habit.”

So, compare your lists. How many freedoms are being taken away from you by conservatives and how many by so-called progressives? This is a simple question. Progressives won’t discuss the lists and instead will go on the attack. They will call you stupid, insensitive, racist, or worse. True conservatives will have no issue with the discussion. It is just that no one will talk to them about it except for others on the right — since progressives will not and cannot have that discussion without showing their real intent. That intent is to control the rest of us.

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I am a Psychologist and a veteran of the Vietnam War. I work with abused children and with agencies which try to both prevent abuse and to empower those who have been abused. I feel strongly about child abuse and take every action I can to prevent it and to support the children I work with who have experienced it. I also feel strongly about politics and especially the course being taken by our nation. I believe that America is at a critical point in its development. How we answer the challenges from Islamic fascists and from our own internal enemies in the media, government, and academia will determine America’s future and the future of our children. I believe that if we don’t take the correct course now, America will go the way of Europe and that we will not reach the potential set out by our founding fathers. I believe that it is now getting serious. My gravitar is from "Darkman".
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