Projection and the Leftist Approach to “Discussion”

Very interesting, this thing called projection. David M. Perlman (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 7/3/12) states that “liberalism is correct ands conservatism is wrong”. He goes on to state that “It is true that most college professors are liberals (not because of bias) but because college professors are intelligent people, and intelligent people tend to be liberal.” He further notes that conservatives “are swayed by emotional arguments, not by intelligent thought”.


So, Mr. Perlman believes that liberals make decisions based on rational thought while conservatives are all about emotion. This is interesting on many counts.

First, most conservatives that I know tend to want to discuss issues rationally. When trying to do so with liberals they generally get an eye roll, a statement something like “you are just ignorant”, and the cold shoulder for eternity. Liberals that I know love the phrase “you are dead to me” once it is clear that the conservative can’t be swayed to the left.

I had an interesting interaction with a liberal candidate for a political office. She thought I was worth investing time in because I was connected and could potentially bring in donations to her candidacy. I enjoyed discussions with her because we were so far apart socially and politically and i can learn from such encounters. Once I told her that if she was to get elected I would want her to work to decrease the size of state government and to push for the same at the national level I never heard from her again. Surprise!? Liberals are so unsure of themselves that they cannot have a meaningful conversation with anyone who disagrees.

So from where does Mr. Perlman get his opinion that conservatives are stupid and emotionally based while liberals are intelligent and factually based? This is definitely not something that comes from any real scientific research or even from personal experience.

Well, first of all it must be noted that Mr. Perlman is a retired college professor. It can be surmised that he has surrounded himself with other elitists and has never taken the opportunity to have a meaningful discussion with a conservative. After all, the world of academia is extremely insular.

But what of the supposed “research” about the relative intelligence of liberals and conservatives?

Stephanie Pappas (LiveScience, 2/26/12) quotes a study by Gordon Hodson, et al. that concludes that “People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb.” The study further concludes that “children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults and that “Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies.”

So, with typical liberal arrogance, this researcher makes the crucial scientific error. He states that people with low intelligence tend toward prejudice. He also notes that people of low intelligence tend toward socially conservative views. He then creates a connection between conservatism and prejudice. Any scientist worth his salt knows that this is a “correlational error”. Correlational studies can show how events vary in relation to other events. Cause and effect cannot be demonstrated. In this case the fact that people of lower intelligence may tend toward prejudice is one thing. That is not a good thing. The fact that people of lower intelligence may join the millions of higher intelligence who are conservative (which is a good thing) has nothing to do with prejudice.

By the way, would anyone claim that William F. Buckley was of low intelligence? What about Dennis Prager? It is easy for liberals to simply label those with whom they disagree as stupid. In that way, they don’t have to debate intelligently.

As noted by Chicago News Bench (2/3/12), “Are there conservatives who are racist? Of course. There are also plenty of liberals who are racist. (Some of the most racist people I know profess to be liberals, although most just call themselves Democrats.) As for low IQs, no political group holds exclusivity on that. It must be said, however, that low IQs seem spectacularly more prevalent among Democrats and liberals in the U.S. Congress than on the other side of the aisle.”

“Progressives” have been politicizing science for a very long time. Here is yet another example cited by Chicago News Bench (2/3/12).

“In February of 2010 Science Daily happily ran a story about a study by Satoshi Kanazawa, an Evolutionary Psychologist at the London School of Economics, which came to conclusions similar to those of the 2012 Hodson … study. That is, liberals are smarter.”
According to Chicago News Bench, Kanazawa stated that “‘More intelligent people are statistically significantly more likely to exhibit social values and religious and political preferences that are novel to the human species in evolutionary history,’ gushed Science Daily on Feb. 24. ‘Specifically, liberalism and atheism, and for men (but not women), preference for sexual exclusivity correlate with higher intelligence'”.

“A month later, columnist Neil Reynolds ripped apart the Kanazawa findings. Writing in The Globe And Mail, Reynolds questioned the assumption that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives.

“‘Perhaps,’ he wrote, ‘although you can’t prove it from the dubious evidence provided by evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa.’ Kanazawa got his 15 minutes of fame after ‘proving’ that, and liberals everywhere chuckled giddily as they heralded Kanazawa as a minor Hero of Leftist Propaganda.
“Liberals were not so happy with Kanazawa, however, when it soon became apparent that Kanazawa was a bit too nutty for them. Scandal surrounded Kanazawa when, in May of 2011, he published an article in Psychology Today with the unpleasant title ‘Why Black Women Are Less Attractive Than Other Women.’ That was part of his ill-fated blog at Psychology Today, which was called ‘The Scientific Fundamentalist: a hard look at truths about human nature.'”

Liberal Blockheadism

So wait a minute. Hodson and Kanazawa have forwarded the idea that it is conservatives who are prejudiced and who stereotype others. Yet, Kanazawa wrote an incredibly stereotypical article about black women. Just that one event says it all about liberals and undermines all of their rhetoric about prejudice, intelligence, and political opinion.

Now we are back to the issue of projection. It is my belief that liberals are remarkably prejudiced against anything that doesn’t fit their cognitive set. They are unwilling to admit this even to themselves. So, they project that trait onto others, specifically conservatives. They can do this because they have already labeled conservatives as intellectually inferior.

Projection is just one of the things that make it difficult to discuss anything with a liberal. Projection, accompanied by arrogance and elitism, insulates liberals from the world around them. They do this by choice so that they never have to actually defend their moronic opinions.

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