A “Progressive” President Disregarding the Law. What a Surprise!

President Obama


In its June 25 ruling the Supreme Court upheld the portion of Arizona’s immigration law that requires Arizona law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of anyone they stop or arrest if there is reason to believe the person may be an illegal immigrant. This section of the law has been called the “show me your papers” provision. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court rejected the remaining three provisions of the law which gave Arizona law enforcement the right to take various actions once an individual was determined to be in the country illegally.

In a normal world this would not be an issue since it is supposed to be up to the federal government to take such action. Arizona law enforcement has had agreements with the federal government to partner with the feds. The purpose of the agreements was to allow state law enforcement to find the bad guys and the feds would dispose of them That, however, is what would happen in a normal, rational world. Under the Obama administration (and the Bush administration before that) we have been far from normalcy.

President Obama was elected by the left because they believed that he was more “progressive” than President Bush. That is an understatement. Despite all of President Bush’s mistakes around immigration, he did what he did out of a sense of personal integrity. His actions were not about trying to amass power. The actions of President Obama are classically “progressive”. I use quotes around the word “progressive” because the actions of those hiding behind that term are far from forward reaching. In fact, their actions are about power and control. Their actions are about taking power away from the people and controlling all aspects of society. In terms of freedom, their actions are regressive.

For President Obama, being progressive means ignoring the law. For example, he is using “executive privilege” to avoid admitting what is probably corruption related to the “fast and furious” fiasco.

An even more horrific example of President Obama’s disregard of the law is his total disregard for separation of governmental powers. Our government was established with checks and balances based on a separation of power between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. President Obama chooses to disregard the U.S. Constitution when it doesn’t let him have what he wants. He seems to view it as an “annoyance”. The most recent example of this is the fact that he is now spitting in the eye of the Supreme Court regarding its immigration decision.

Terry Green Sterling (The Daily Beast, June 26, 2012) writes that “The Obama administration reacted swiftly, rescinding the 287(g) agreements with seven Arizona police departments, which give the police permission to partner with the federal government on immigration enforcement. The administration also directed federal immigration officials not to respond to local traffic stops or law-enforcement encounters in Arizona unless the detained person is a recent border crosser, has already been removed from the country and reentered the United States unlawfully, or is a convicted criminal. (Federal immigration officials will still respond to telephone calls from Arizona law-enforcement authorities seeking the immigration status of a person who is legally stopped, detained, or arrested.)

“’As though we needed any more evidence, President Obama has demonstrated anew his utter disregard for the safety and security of the Arizona people,’ Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said in a statement of the administration’s decision to revoke 287(g) agreements. She later added on CNN: ‘The people of America ought to be outraged. This is absolutely an assault.'”

The problem, in Obama’s eyes, is that the Supreme Court decision still allows law enforcement officers to check papers. The problem for society is that he decision relies on the federal government to enforce its own laws — which it won’t do.

No matter how many times Arizona law enforcement officers find illegal immigrants, nothing will happen to them because President Obama has unilaterally rescinded agreements with Arizona law enforcement and because, even if the agreements had not been rescinded, the feds have already decided to not enforce its own immigration laws.

What underlies the personality of a leader who disregards any law that prevents him from doing what he wants? First and foremost, severe narcissistic tendencies. President Obama appears to believe that he and he alone has the right answer to every question. Despite all his failures in both foreign and domestic affairs, he still sees himself as the messiah that the left has told him he is. He may also have some serious antisocial personality issues. These characteristics are dangerous for not only our nation but the world.

Idi Amin

There are several other leaders who had similar personality characteristics. Mao is one example. Stalin was another as was Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and Saddam Hussein. And lets not forget Hitler. All had a messianic sense of self. All took control of their countries with disregard for the law or any previous constitution. And when they gained power they killed millions of innocent people. That is the “progressive” way.


It is nothing but obligatory nonsense to define these leaders with different labels. Whether they are communists, socialists, or fascists, they are all the same. They take power and they take away personal freedoms — and they kill their own people. A dictator by any name is still a dictator.

Pol Pot

President Obama meets all of these characteristics except the last — so far. It will be harder for him or any other progressive in America to go to the level reached by other “progressives”. But he is still a dictator. If we remain as complacent as we are today, there is no telling what American may become in the very near future.

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