Rush Limbaugh Does it Again!

Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh: Partners in Celebrity

Rush Limbaugh has done it again. And what he does, he does SO well! Mr. Limbaugh is the Supreme Puppet Master. My hat goes off to him!

You have all heard the story. But some of us may have missed the brilliance demonstrated by Mr. Limbaugh.

Against the backdrop of yet another example of government overreach, this time regarding healthcare, Mr. Limbaugh came across what would have been a little noticed story of a woman who spoke to Congress about her need for free contraception.

Sandra Fluke, a 30 year old law student from Georgetown University, spoke before a Congressional committee concerning the issue of government coverage of contraception. She said that she is on a “public interest scholarship” which is basically a free ride for law students who say they care about people. Fluke said that her cost for contraception is $3,000 during law school.

Ms. Fluke was just a fluke who would have gone unnoticed until Mr. Limbaugh made her a celebrity. And what a celebrity she has become! She is the poster child for government overreach. Not only is she receiving what amounts to a government subsidized free ride through law school, she supports the government’s desire for her to have free contraception.

So, the government is paying Ms. Fluke to go to law school AND wants to pay for her sex life. On both counts, the government has overstepped.

This is what happens when the government steps into areas that it has no right to step into. It is sort of like stepping in horse poop. You might be able to get rid of the mess but you still can’t make the smell go away. The government has once again overstepped and the result is a very bad smell.

When he found this story, Mr. Limbaugh did what he is so good at doing. He rushed to the fore and took the story on. I won’t repeat his words because I don’t believe that Mr. Limbaugh needed to call Ms. Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute”. I think that he would have made a stronger point by labeling Ms. Fluke a “free-loader”. After all, she is being paid to go to law school and now she expects all the rest of us to pay for her sexual activities. Sounds like a free-loader to me.

However, Mr. Limbaugh IS the Supreme Puppet Master! I am a mere mortal. By his choice of words Mr. Limbaugh was able to achieve what I believe he wanted most: To engage the President of the United States in the discussion. Man-to-Man. And Mr. Limbaugh has won the duel of wits (primarily because he is the only one of the two that has a bit of a wit).

Through his crude remarks, Mr. Limbaugh was able to get the President of the United States to insert himself into the mess by calling Ms. Fluke on the telephone to personally offer his support.

In response to this brain dead play, Limbaugh mocked the fact that the President phoned Fluke. On his radio show and while making kissing noises, Limbaugh stated: “That is so compassionate. What a great guy… The president called her to make sure she’s OK. What is she, 30 years old? Thirty years old, a student at Georgetown Law who admits to having so much sex she can’t afford it.”

He added that if she wants to be paid to have sex then “let us watch (on video) since we are paying for it.”

Of course, Democrats became predictably furious. But who really cares? Even some RINO’s voiced their dissatisfaction. Again, who cares?

Limbaugh’s statements were crude and unnecessary to make the point. In saying what he said, however, he was able to engage the President of the United states in a discussion that left the President looking petty, silly and officious. Score another one for the home team.

But let’s not forget the main point. The government, under the Obama administration, is continuously overstepping it’s Constitutional bounds. Why should the government be involved in health care? Why should birth control be free? Why should we, the taxpayers, be supporting the sex lives of law school students who are already on the government dole and who are going to be screwing the public for the rest of their careers?

What America needs is a little more self-control, at both the government and individual level. Let’s all stop screwing each other.

Contributions to this commentary were made by “Gypsy”. She is incredible!

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