Andrew Breitbart: Rest in Peace

Andrew Breitbart

This is a sad day for true Americans.

Mr. Breitbart had an uncanny ability in his battles with bureaucrats, politicians and the snobbish “elite” media. Because of his strength and despite Democrats, progressives, fascists, communists and socialists, he earned a reputation as one of the nation’s most influential commentators. Not bad for a conservative in a “progressive” world..

Mr. Breitbart was responsible for several embarrassments to the leftist running this country. Those included undercover videos posted on his website about ACORN, a “progressive” group of socialists that offered housing assistance and other aid to the poor, including teaching them how to abuse female prostitutes. That little episode led Congress to deny federal housing funds to ACORN, which disbanded in 2010.

Mr. Breitbart also brought public attention a sexually suggestive photo that Democratic U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner of New York posted through his Twitter page. That scandal eventually led to Weiner’s resignation last year. By the way, did Weiner ever truly apologize for that moronic act?

Breitbart faced widespread criticism when in 2010 his website posted what the “elite media” called a “heavily edited version of a speech” by U.S. Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod that led to her forced resignation. Despite the fact that the words were recorded along with Sherrod’s image, the elites continue to forward the belief that Sherrod was not pushing a racist agenda.

Breitbart never apologized for his report on Sherrod.

Some people didn’t like Mr. Breitbart. Most of those are people on the left who don’t like having their “elite truths” questioned. Charlie Spiering of the Washington Post (3/1/12) stated that liberals are celebrating Mr. Breitbart’s death, likening him to Hitler and hoping he enjoys his time with Hitler in hell. What these leftist morons don’t know is that their liberal heroes are the Hitlers of our time. They will spend time in hell with Hitler. Mr. Breitbart will not be joining the party.

I respected the man for the way he worked to keep the elites on edge. It is clear that he did his job, given the responses from the moronic left.

We need more people like that.

Rest in Peace

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