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Socialism and Treason

Whereas the American leftist ideal of socialism is: A political/economic system promoting equal outcome without equal effort. A political/economic system whose goal is communism. A political/economic system designed to fail. Now therefore it can be stated that American leftist supporters … Continue reading

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Obama and the Caliphate

The caliphate signified the ideal of pan-Islamic unity and solidarity and served as a psychological rallying point for Muslims against what they view as “imperialist encroachments”. Radical Muslims long ago called for supporters of the caliphate to divide black from … Continue reading

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In the words of the great Imperator Furiosa: RETALIATE FIRST!

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Liberal Thinking

Mayo Clinic has a list of suggestions for recovering from concussion.  One is to “limit thinking and concentration that may worsen your symptoms.”  I couldn’t figure out how to limit thinking and concentration and still function. Then I came up … Continue reading

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