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Who Has the Hots for Hillary?

I wrote on this page a few weeks ago that Hillary seems to have a powerful hold over liberal males (other than her husband). Here is a picture of her and Chuck Shumer getting all excited over Hillary. Here is … Continue reading

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Weakling or Warrior?

Who would you rather pick a fight with? A weakling like President Obama… or a warrior like President Reagan? Russia knew that President Reagan was not going to put up with its bullying. Reagan was viewed as a strong man … Continue reading

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Obama Slapped

President Obama slapped by Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Obama smiles and sends Putin a strongly worded letter.

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Obama: Inept or Calculating?

President Obama has demonstrated that he chooses to be the great foreign relations appeaser. Like Neville Chamberlain, he seems to be adverse to conflict. Apologists for Obama will say that he, like Chamberlain before him, is just being cautious and … Continue reading

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