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Obama’s Intent in Syria?

Here is an interesting question. The initial Syrian rebels were nonsectarian people who wanted to rid the country of a tyrannical dictatorship. Our President took no action. The original rebels were displaced by islamofascists who want to create another tyrannical … Continue reading

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Lee Daniels and Other Racists

The movie, “Lee Daniels: The Butler”, is an abomination…yet another move to rewrite history to ensure that those being told they are victims remain so. These are the words of someone who was there, Michael Reagan. “ ‘You’ve taken a … Continue reading

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Ike Boutwell

Ike Boutwell is My newest American hero. He trained pilots during the Vietnam war. He watched thousand be killed. He watched Jane Fonda sit on an anti-aircraft weapon in Hanoi–a weapon that probably killed hundreds of American. He watched Fonda … Continue reading

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This is a test.

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