Dear Pat Kessler

Pat Kessler is a “political commentator” for WCCO in Minneapolis.  His previous jobs were with National Public Radio and Prairie Home Companion, both far left organizations.  He has been casting even more lies this season than in the past.  Here is a copy of the email I just sent him.


“Mr. Kessler:

I have watched you on TV for years.  I know that you come from a leftist perspective, having worked at the far left NPR and with the far left Garrison Keeler.  But now that you are working for what i would hope to be a reputable news organization, I would hope that you could put your leftist leanings aside and report the facts, accurately.  Clearly, my hopes are dashed.

“Your reporting on the Mills political ad regarding Syrian refuges was blatant politics.  You said at least twice that Mills is lying about the vetting of Syrian refugees and then said, at least once, that it is confirmed that vetting these people is difficult.  Of course it is difficult.  That means they cannot be vetted accurately.  If they cannot be vetted accurately they should not be brought into America by leftist, anti-American politicians.  You are 100% wrong on that story.

“You are also wrong on your story about who caused the violence at the Trump rally.  Why would you just take the position of a far-left Mayor unless you don’t care about the facts?  The evidence is against you.

“I think you are in the tank for the left.  I think you should just admit that and begin every story with a disclaimer.  Even though you have apparently been indoctrinated through years of affiliation, you are too good a person to play into the falsehoods of the left.”

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Read All About It!

The leftists wont read this. Most so-called Republicans wont read this. It has become apparent that there are really only two Parties in this country: The socialist fascist party and the dumb as rocks party.

Example: Every time a terrorist kills a bunch of people, the left cries for gun control. Even though we have extremely rigid laws on the books, they cry for more. The fact is that if people aren’t obeying existing laws why on earth would they obey new ones? Huh??

The fact is that Republicans have tried to strengthen existing laws (with the support of the NRA). The fascist left has rebuffed them every time.

Example: The national background check system is written into law and would be very effective if municipalities would provide information to the states and if the states would provide information to the NCIC as mandated by existing law. One bill, sponsored by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), would have strengthened the national background check system, encouraging states to send more updated information to the FBI. Almost every Republican supported it; nearly every Democrat voted against it and it failed to pass the 60-vote threshold, 53-47.

Example: Another bill, sponsored by Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), would have given the attorney general the power to potentially block someone on the terrorist watch list from buying a gun. Even the NRA supported this bill. Almost every Republican supported it; nearly every Democrat voted against it and it again failed to pass the 60-vote threshold, 53-47.


The left doesn’t give a rip about gun control. Leftist fascists want to use the murders they have provoked through their divisive rhetoric as ammunition to destroy America.

Yes, it is just that simple.

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Vietnam War Revisited

Bill Maher made some sense the other day. To paraphrase, he said that the Vietnam War was about fighting communism from afar because America was not willing to fight it at home.

I agree to a point. Communism needed to be fought in Southeast Asia due to the whole “domino effect”.. But Maher is correct in stating that America was unwilling to fight communism at home. Why?

America had just gone through a difficult time. Senator McCarthy had just been shamed for telling the truth about communism in our government and our military. He was ruined, both politically and personally. (That is what commies do.) The House Un-American Activities Committee identified hundreds of communists in our entertainment industry. Those commies were turned into martyrs by the left. (That is what commies do.)

America had just said that Sen. McCarthy was wrong. America had just said that the House Un-American Activities Committee was wrong. America had said that communism was not a threat. America was wrong. America is still wrong.

America entered the Vietnam War for the right reasons. But America should have first fought the enemy at home. Why?

BECAUSE, it was communists in the United States who defeated America in the Vietnam War. It was communists in America who led the anti-war movement. They undermined the effort and abetted the enemy. They strengthened the resolve of Ho Chi Minh to continue what otherwise would have been a failed effort by North Vietnam.

Abbie Hoffman, David Horowitz and all of President Obama’s best friends: THEY were the enemy at home. They supported Hanoi. They prolonged the war. There actions led to the needless deaths of thousands of Americans and Vietnamese.


Vietnam was the right war at the right time. Except that the leaders of this country and the people of this country succumbed to communist propaganda from within.

Even so, the war helped to weaken the USSR and its hold on Eastern Europe. Good came from the war. But more good would have resulted had we first fought communism right here in our own country.

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CINOs Uncovered

They will never see this. Regardless, I am sending a message to the following so-called conservatives.

George Will

Jonah Goldberg

Bill Kristol

Glenn Beck

A true conservative is a Constitutional Conservative; a believer in the Republic; a believer in the fact that in our Republic, the People choose the candidates for office, not the elite.

Conservatives-In-Name-Only (CINOs) have told us for years that we should support the Republican Party even when they offer up RINOs as candidates. This ensured that the establishment would stay in control, regardless of party.

Now these very same CINOs are leaving the Republican Party because they don’t like the non-establishment candidate chosen by the people. By doing so, they are abandoning the Constitution. They are abandoning what now were clearly lies they were vomiting out to maintain establishment control of America.

As Dennis Prager and Dennis Miller have both stated, their candidate didn’t win. Now we must defeat Hillary. My candidate also didn’t win, but It is time to move on. To not support the Republican candidate is to support the current socialist/fascist establishment government.

At least we now know where these egoist CINOs stand on America.

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Learning From Great Britain

I applaud the people of Great Britain for standing up for freedom.

America is a representative republic. The U.S. Constitution gives very limited power to centralized government. Those powers not explicitly granted to the centralized government by the Constitution belong to the states and therefore, the people. Unfortunately, our current and previous socialist/fascist governments have infringed mightily on that historical truth.

By creating the European Union (EU), Britain and the rest of Europe entered into an unholy alliance. Nothing within the EU charter delegates powers back to the individual nations (States) nor to the citizens of those nations. In fact, the opposite is true. The EU assumed dictatorial power over all of the European nations and their people.


The EU represents a clear example of the creation of big government, allowed by uninformed, lazy, complacent citizens. The amount of power assumed by the EU is nearly infinite, with little if any safeguards.

Power breeds more power. Europeans haven’t learned from generations—even centuries—of catastrophes created by dictators.

Britain did the right thing. We hope other European nations follow suit.

More importantly, we hope that Americans will eventually stand up against the same usurpation of power committed by our own socialist/fascist government.

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Cutting To The Chase

FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday (July 5, 2016) that 110 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server contained classified information “at the time they were sent or received.” The 110 emails were within the 30,000 she deleted.

The fact that she tried to hide the evidence by deleting her emails is criminal by itself. The fact that the information she kept on her private server was classified is not only criminal but treasonous.

Hillary, who wants to be the President of the United States, offers up a singular defense: She is ignorant.


Comey, meanwhile, offers up an outstanding case for prosecution. In effect, (and with some paraphrasing) he said that Hillary’s actions were treasonous…but that she is not indictable under the current fascist regime.

Then, on Thursday, July 7, in his faux interview with a House committee, Comey stated that the faux interview with Hillary was neither under oath or recorded.

Hillary is a traitor.  James Comey and Bill Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama are complicit.

Nothing will be done.  How stupid do they think we are?   apparently as stupid as we are for letting this continue.

This is the fascist nation that America has become.


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God’s Intermediaries?

Many religious leaders put themselves above God.

They claim to be an intermediary between God and us,

Demeaning both.

God’s children need no intermediary.

When a living human being becomes

The primary character of any religious institution,

That person becomes the judge and the answer…

That person becomes the beginning and the ending.

I will only join a religious institution in which the primary character is God…

…Because God is the only beginning and the only ending.



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A violent Ideology

The problem is while most Muslims are moderate, Islam itself as an ideology is a violent ideology. This is why—when you look at radical Islamist organizations around the globe today—what connects them together is the ideology.  Brigitte Gabriel


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Obama: The True Existential Threat

“President Barack Obama told reporters Wednesday that the Islamic State does not pose an existential threat to the United States…The president’s comments come the day after ISIS carried out coordinated terror attacks in Brussels, the capital of the European Union, killing at least 31 people and wounding over 200 others. (Aaron Kliegman, Washington Free Beacon, 3/23/16).

That comes in the midst of dancing while Brussels burns.


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Retaliate First

“Retaliate First”

Furiosa, Mad Max: Fury Road

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